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Harmony Acres Raised Cedar Garden Beds

These Harmony Acres Raised Cedar Garden Beds are an absolute must-have if you are interested in raised or container gardening. They are great for small patio and deck areas and will be a talking point around the garden pond.

The red cedar wood carries a distinct aroma. Cedar naturally bears colors ranging from off-white to deep red. Red cedar is naturally rot-resistant and repels insects, which is great for gardening applications. These items pair well with Natural-Kote™ Soy-based stains and paint products to help ensure longevity outdoors. Annual resealing is recommended.

In addition to high-grade wood, these include high quality hardware, stainless steel brackets, screws, and powder coated legs to act as a steadfast base to these beautiful garden beds. The top of the box stands 29" high for easy access and limited bending.


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Some assembly required, Ships in 3-4 Weeks

SKU Description Dimensions
HA002 Raised Garden Bed 2' Wood Floor 30" x 25" x 7"
HA003 Raised Garden Bed 2' Self-Watering 30" x 25" x 7"
HA004 Raised Garden Bed 4' Wood Floor 53" x 25" x 7"
HA005 Raised Garden Bed 4' Self-Watering 53" x 25" x 7"
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$319.99 - $519.99
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